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Training in R programming

Training in R programming


In the scope of this corporate course we embrace the basic overview into the R software and programming environment. Suitable for any field using statistical computing, this 20-hour course allows the students to embark on a journey highlighting the main aspects of R programming in an intuitive yet practice-oriented manner.

Some Background into R

With over 2 million users worldwide, R is rapidly becoming the go-to programming language in statistics and data science. Every year, the number of R users grows by 40% which is directly reflected in the number of organizations that are using it in their day-to-day activities. The rise of R is pretty prominent in the Armenian market, too. An open-source software environment for statistical computing at core, R is developed by a large international community of scientists and programmers and is the cornerstone that lays at the forefront of new developments in statistical computing.

Across a variety of fields and domains, understanding the basics of R and its functionality is of great help to students and professionals alike. Our course allows to leverage the power of R in day-do-day work and studies.

Course structure

The course conducted by Datamotus has three main sections, each a deep-dive into a single domain of R programming. Relying on the students’ background and familiarity with basic mathematical and statistical concepts, the course opens with an 8-hour Introduction to R programming, covering topics like Data structures in R, functions and methods, subsetting and indexing data in R, reading and writing data in R, visualization with ggplot2, working with R Studio IDE – R mardkown and tidy data.

The course then features a more profound dive-down into ggplot2 in R. 4 hours in length. This section covers Introduction to grammar of graphics , visualization with ggplot2: layered grammar of graphics, visualization of numeric data and visualization of categorical data.

The course has been successfully held for a number of organisations in Armenia,Ameria Bank, Digitain, World Vision Armenia and more.