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Machine Learning/ Statistical Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is a process that uses data mining and probability theory to forecast outcomes for your business. Our models help predict a number of things such as which of your website surfers like certain products, which of your customers are more likely to make a purchase or which of them are more likely to churn in the nearest future.

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

We take the data and forecast for you. We build models that predict demand, sales, and other significant metrics over specific periods.

Churn modeling

Customer churn is one of the most unpleasant events for a business. Churn modeling is a tool that defines the steps of customer churn and helps you predict and avoid it over time. Without predicting churn, your actions will be based on mere assumptions and won’t usually have a positive impact.

Customer segmentation/unsupervised learning

You don’t have to be a GOD of marketing to feel the need of customer segmentation. We offer a customer segmentation model that helps allocate your marketing resources and maximize selling opportunities.

Structural Equation Modeling

This one is a complex procedure that we conduct to assess the so-called “latent” construct. Whatever that has passed unnoticed from your eyes will be identified through Structural equation modeling.

Anomaly detection

Usually, we use anomaly detection to detect errors or frauds. Using accurate machine learning processes boosts the speed of detection.

Marketing Research and Analytics

Conjoint Analysis

With this survey-based statistical technique, we will determine how people value a particular feature or function in your product/service. Conjoint analysis can help make predictions regarding the market share of a new product taking into account what the competitors are offering. It can also help determine whether consumers are willing to pay for a new product or not. And last but not least, conjoint analysis can help find out what factors affect customer choice.

Marketing experiments

Those marketers/businesses who run the most experiments win. We will help you be among the winners!

Marketing modeling

We use analysis to extract vital insights for your business. Marketing modeling helps to understand whether each marketing input results in sales or not. It roughly measures the effectiveness of your marketing efforts for each campaign.

MaxDiff / Best-Worst scaling

MaxDiff is a survey research technique. We use it to help our clients find out their customers’ relative preferences. For example, we can help you understand what your customers like most, then what they like second-most, etc.

Customer satisfaction studies

Are your customers really satisfied with what you offer? We’ll find this out and provide you with valuable data.

Marketing surveys and analytics

How to find the right product-market fit? Of course, through long nights of market research. We will do the boring part; you will get the survey and analytics results.

Data Visualization and Corporate training

Creating and deploying R shiny applications

R Shiny is what we use to easily build interactive web apps straight from R and visualize for you what your data has told us.

Training on R programming and Statistics

Want to rock R programming just like us? You and your team are welcome at our training hub. You already know the value of statistical analysis for businesses. You can learn to conduct statistical analysis by yourself. We are here to help!

Management decision support systems – based on data analytics

Sometimes the amount of analytics results is so huge that people freak out. No worries! We will manage your decision support system (DSS) and help you figure out everything in a very short period of time.

Conjoint Analysis Training

Learn how to conduct the right types of surveys the right way and come up with valuable analysis for your business or clients.