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Training in R programming with ASUE

Training on R programming with Armenian State University of Economics

A regular short-term training course carried out at asue is over providing the participants with the knowledge of the programming language

Meaningful, accessible and useful. These are the characteristics used to describe this short-term training course which was dedicated to the “R” programming language. The course ended on February 22.

The course organizer was ASUE Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Division. Vahe Movsisyan, ASUE Alumni and the co-founder of the company “Datamotus” led the course. ASUE lecturers and students, employees of the Central Bank of Armenia, commercial banks and other organizations (17 participants) took part in the training course. Upon the completion of the course, the center organized a survey among the participants and it was highly rated. The participants also expressed their satisfaction with the mentors for representing the material in an engaging and interesting way.

As the organizers note, the “R” course is highly relevant, given that the use of programming languages increases the efficiency of creating more sophisticated econometric models. Statisticians widely use the programming language as a common one in statistics and it is constantly incorporating new directions of statistical data processing. At the end of the course, Vahe Movsisyan, the mentor, the co-founder of the company "Datamotus" answered the questions of asue.am, which we present below.

- Mr. Movsisyan, please sum up the course and share your impressions. How many participants were there? What sectors did they represent?

- There were 17 participants, 6 of them worked in commercial banks, 5 participants were ASUE lecturers, and the rest were from other sectors. Taking into consideration the active involvement of the participants in the training process and the range of questions raised by them, the training can be considered effective.

- How would you define the relevance of the course topic?

- Data science is one of the most demanded professions in the present world. Currently there are two programming languages used in the field: "R" and "Python". The aim of the course was to introduce the "R" programming language. With this knowledge, the participants will later have the opportunity to dig into the areas of their interest.

- From the beginning the course had been announced to be for beginners, what kind of basic knowledge did it provide?

- Nowadays, it is impossible to carry out a serious data analysis without knowing any programming language. On the other hand, it is possible to get started in the field of data science without learning the basics, but sooner or later we will need to get back to the alphabet. In other words, one can learn a language without understanding the grammar, one can communicate, explain something, but without the knowledge of grammar, the person sounds illiterate, and it often creates inefficiency in communication. The objective of the course was to teach the grammar and logic of the language. By mastering the grammar, an expert will be able to code and analyze them in a more effective and intelligent manner.

-In which aspect of the professional field can the participants of this course, such as economists, use their knowledge?

-Nowadays data science is used everywhere. This knowledge can be used in banking, insurance services, economics, statistical analysis, as well as in classrooms. Congratulations to all the participants, as well as the organizers. We wish you new achievements.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division. Article was originaly published here.