Our Services

  • Predictive modeling – We build statistical models to predict some outcome that is crucial for client’s business. Our models help client to predict which customer will churn, default on the loan, which product the customer will most likely buy. The predictive model is deployed and integrated into client’s IT infrastructure in a way that client can constantly use it without our further intervention.
  • Time Series Forecasting – We will build models that can predict demand, sales, expenditures and other important metrics over time period. Our models help clients to have better understanding on what is going to happen in the future, what are the determinants of the change (seasonality, trend, random fluctuations).
  • Statistical Analysis – We do perform statistical analysis of existing customer data and results of the surveys. We can reveal hidden correlations that help client to make better decisions: what are the factors that affect customer churn, customer loyalty and employee turnover, what factors determine customer choice, etc.