Our clients

Duxton Consulting (Singapore)

    Customer satisfaction study was designed for a major telecom company.  Our team participated in the               methodology development, design of the questionnaire and provided support in sample size calculation.           After the data was collected, Customer Satisfaction Index was calculated. Statistical Analysis also revealed           factors affecting customer satisfaction. The results were later used for the company’s CRM strategy.



 Longmire and Company  (USA)

   The goal of the study was to reveal factors affecting prospective student’s choice of college. Among others,        principal component analysis was conducted to reduce the number of factors. Based on the results of the        previous step, cluster analysis was conducted to group students based on commonalities of choice factors.      The results are intended to help higher educational institutions to conduct more effective targeting.


 Instigate Mobile (Armenia)

Datamotus assisted the development team in the design and implementation of cross-validation for recommender system.